Taotao Logo

TaoTao (In Japanese: タオタオ, in Chinese: 桃 桃, in Korean: 타오타오) or the “panda club” is a student club for everyone studying at the CEAS and everyone otherwise interested in East Asia. Our goal is to get together like-minded people and organize events relating to East Asia and introduce our non-Finnish members also to the Finnish culture. TaoTao is a registered organisation that has a membership fee. Everyone interested in Asia can join.

TaoTao has a student representative in educational matters to help the students of the Centre. If you have problems such as delays in exam results, feel free to contact us. Our student representative will pass on the message to the staff anonymously.

All TaoTao’s members are welcome to spend time in our coffee room. We offer free coffee and tea (& more) for members.

We are a “sister organisation” of P-klubi, an association for students studying Contemporary History and Political Science at the University of Turku.